I saw Sacred 2 come out on PC and it looked like a fun hack and slash but didn’t grab my notice too much because I prefer to play those types of games on my consoles these days. Then I read some reviews for the xbox/PS3 release and they raved about the game worked so much better on the consoles than PC because you could sit down with mates and have a laugh. Sounded perfect. I picked it up so @zarkia and I could play together, I have been struggling to find some fun on screen two player game that we both could enjoy. @zarkia started playing the single player on Sunday and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Then we gave the two player a go last night.

It started out fine but a bit confusing. We didn’t know who could pick up items or open doors. We got over that and started to get into the game, then we found the killer “bug”. We could not trade items! So what happens is that when you open a chest or kill someone you do not know what you are getting then if you get a weapon the other person can use you can not give it to them. We even though that we could sell the item to a vendor then the other person buy it back but the vendors Items are different between the players. Looking online it seems that this is going to get patched but I don’t know how the game got released with such a blatant flaw. I’m debating if I should just wait playing multiplayer till the patch comes out but who knows when that will be. Its mighty annoying.