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I am not evil!

I decided to replay Mass Effect 1 and 2 as an evil character recently. The main reason is because in Mass Effect 2 there are points where you can interrupt a conversation which seem like a lot of fun but I didn’t experience these points because I was playing a 100% good character. Ever since Baldur’s Gate 2 where I played a good Paladin so I could get the +5 holy avenger sword I have always played good characters. So in my current play through of Mass Effect (1) I am nearing the end and my ‘evil’ character has more paragon (good) points than renegade (evil) points. One of the main reasons for this is because someone asks me for help the evil option is to tell them to get lost but I always feel like I’m missing out in both XP and story if I do that. Maybe this might change when I jump to ME2 but I find it funny that even though I aiming to be bad I cannot help but be good.

I think I’ll try the same with Dragon Age, my first play through was a goody two shoes character but Morrigan and Shale seem like much more fun character to hang out with so I’ll play again doing things their way.


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iPhone is the home for recession gaming

I love my iPhone. This should not come as a shock to anyone that knows me. I also love checking out games on the iPhone platform as well, but what is interesting is the pricing model that the app store has settled into. In the early days the standard price for a “big” game was Eur9.99 which seemed to be an off-putting price point. What developers have found out is that as you reduce the price they  hit a sweet spot that people accept is value for the game, which for the customer means that there is great value to be had.

In the last week I bought 2 games that are available on other platforms this makes for interesting comparison.

First: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

PSP Eur 32.49

DS Eur 23.49

iPhone Eur 7.99 Current

IPhone Eur 5.39 Special (this was earlier this week and what I got I t as)

Then last night: Plants Vs Zombies

PC Eur 9.99 Steam

PC Eur 13.49

iPhone Eur 2.39 Current


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